Monday, July 14, 2008

Work/life balance: Simply a matter of choice?

Across the Web, talk about work/life balance is everywhere. Experts write articles and blogs to help us understand how we can all reach a balanced between our work and home lives.

Some say work/life balance is an ideal state of being we can find if desired enough, while others think it simply comes down to the day-to-day decisions we make. If given the choice, most people would opt for a balanced life over an unbalanced alternative.

“That's because the choice isn't between balanced and unbalanced. Instead you have to choose among a number of things to do at any one time. And the choice isn't between work and life it's between different ways to use your time that make up all the parts of your life,” according to Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership.

Every day you make choices. Some days you may stay late to finish the sales report, when you could have been enjoying a family dinner at home. Or, you could take that vacation now instead of holding off until next year. Whatever you choose to do, there’s usually some kind of trade off.

What do you think? Is work/life balance simply a matter of choice or a finish line to cross if we work at it hard enough?

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