Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New icebreaker activities for meetings

We all want meetings to be productive, informative and help deliver results. Many times it is the way you start a meeting that can directly affect those results.

Even when you have a short time frame, icebreaker activities can help get meetings off to a great start. Get everyone talking and engaged with these easy icebreaker activities for meetings:

The Magic Genie - Designate one of the meeting leaders as the ‘Magic Work Genie.’ The genie has given each person in the room three work-related wishes. Ask each person in the room what three work related activities they would change and why.

21 Questions - As each person enters the room, tape a small note card to their back with the name of a famous person, city or topic related to the meeting. Arrange everyone in a circle, with backs to the wall. Let each person go around the inside of the circle, with their back turned to the people in the circle. The circling person must ask questions that can only be answered by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to identify clues to find out the name on the index card taped to their back.

Office Survivor - Tell the group that tomorrow they will each be stranded on a separate island for an undetermined amount of time. What five (or other number depending on how much time you have) items would you bring? The catch - the items must all come from the office.

Dream Getaways - Ask each member in the meeting to introduce themselves and then share their idea of the perfect dream vacation. Encourage people to go into detail as to where the vacation will be, who they would bring and for how long.

After the activity is over, have a quick debriefing and ask everyone in the meeting why they think you played the icebreaker game, as well as how the quick activity may have impacted communication and teamwork. Get your meetings off to a great start every time with a fun icebreaker activity that gets everyone involved and engaged.

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WebDrops said...

I just loved all of these... and specially liked the 21 question game and the dream breaker. Have posted your link on my recent article "5 Great Ice Breaker games For Rehearsal Dinner Party"... I am sure my readers would love to read some of your suggestions... thanks for sharing :)

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