Thursday, July 31, 2008

News flash: Employer training programs most productive for older employees

Older employees are more satisfied with employer-based training programs and participate more than any other age group, according to a recent AARP national survey.

Workers age 50 and over are overwhelmingly satisfied (79%) with employer-based training programs offered to them and participate in large numbers. Additionally, over 60% who participated in training in the past two years said it increased their productivity at work.

While two-thirds of workers surveyed said they received all of the training they had desired, one in four said they were only able to participate in some of the training desired and 8% were unable to participate in any of the training.

The study also found that training across education and income levels was uneven. Over 80% of workers with at least a four-year college degree had participated in employer-based training in the past two years, compared to only 50% of workers with a high school degree or less.

“Given the somewhat uneven participation rate, the study called for working to ensure ‘that training opportunities are offered and clearly communicated to all workers,’ including those with less formal education.”

Another suggestion from the report is that organizations consider new ways to “bridge the educational barrier” with customized training for less-educated workers, depending on their needs.

We would like to know ... have you seen similar results at your organization? How do you make training more appealing and customize employee training for different types of workers?

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