Friday, July 18, 2008

Are you delivering ‘me’ or ‘we’ employee rewards?

“Most companies would love to have all their employees (or their distribution channel and customers for that matter) focused on the best interests of the company. However, that is a difficult task. People typically focus on what they think is important. Especially, if we reward them in that manner.” - Incentive Intelligence

According to those at Incentive Intelligence, with different kinds of employee rewards, you can have a direct impact on the relationship an employee forms with the company.

Depending on how much the reward impacts the individual (me) or the group (we), it will either create an individual or collective bond with the company. Read the original post for a full explanation of the “me vs. we” reward method. They’ve even mapped it all out on a nifty little chart:

Take a look at your rewards program. Are you motivating individuals or groups with rewards? What do you think creates a stronger relationship between employee and company, ‘me’ or ‘we’ rewards?

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