Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad office behavior: Desk rage

Road rage can take a back seat, there's a new monster in town – desk rage.

Anger in the workplace, from grumpy employees to short-tempered bosses, is a common occurrence in the United States. As Americans deal with rising gas prices, increased costs of living, job uncertainty and personal debt, the problem of desk rage may only continue to grow.

Of the workers who responded to research surveys:

  • 2% to 3% admitted to pushing, slapping or hitting someone at work – amounting to as many as 3 million people.
  • Almost 50% reported yelling and verbal abuse at work.
  • One in four admitted to being driven to tears by abusive behavior at work.
  • One in six reported anger-induced property damage at work.
  • One in ten reported physical violence and fear their workplace might not be safe.
If you need some help with desk rage, or know someone who may need an intervention, take a look at these tips for combating desk rage from

Skip the desk rage this Friday, sit back, and laugh at this compilation of some really bad days at the office:

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