Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go to the carnival for new employee training ideas

The latest Carnival of HR is up at The HR Capitalist, full of HR goodies, a mini-roller coaster and even Bucky Covington from American Idol. Who would have thought he’d be interested in HR?

The entire list of ideas ranges from recruiting to compensation, but specifically regarding employee training, here are a few posts that may be of interest:

A suit straight off the rack won’t fit anyone perfectly, it needs to be tailored, customized. We have the technology to customize employee development programs for different careers, according to Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership.

Stop showing boring slide presentations and take a look at how Rowan Manahan from Fortify Your Oasis creates effective presentations using a visual approach.

Boost business performance with collaboration. John Ingham at The New Social Business asks, how much “collaboratieveness” does your company have?

Get the most out of employees with different learning and working preferences with a few, easy to implement tips from McArthur’s Rant.

Help two influential teams, HR and training, get on the same page when developing management training programs with tips on how to talk to each other from Dan McCarthy at Great Leadership.

We can all blame the FLSA for global warming, says Michael Moore at PA Labor & Employment. He recommends using the 4-day workweek to cut down on green house gas emission.

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Chris Morgan said...

The first L&D Carnival will be taking place soon. If you would like to contribute something then hop on over and get posting...

There are still a few days before the deadline arrives.


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