Friday, July 25, 2008

Use China's "eight don't asks" to deal with office conflict

The upcoming Olympic games may be a little quieter than usual. Why? Because Chinese Olympic officials have told Beijing citizens what they should and shouldn’t talk about in conversations with Olympic tourists.

The list of “eight don’t asks,” printed on posters displayed throughout popular tourist areas, act as a guide for locals on how to show proper hospitality. Chinese citizens were told not to ask about income or expenses, age, love or marriage, health, someone’s home address, personal experiences, religious beliefs, political views and what someone does for a living.

Not sure what that leaves to talk about ... the weather, Britney Spears?

If you’re having trouble with office conflict, take some notes from the Chinese government and see what happens if you post rules for conversation topics on the walls at work. It may help eliminate any problem-causing chatter, but then again, there may not be any chatter at all ...

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