Friday, October 31, 2008

Surviving Halloween at work: Tips and treats

Below we’ve compiled some of great advice for celebrating Halloween at work from the best human resource and workplace blogs on the Web. As you’re coming down from your candy corn sugar high this afternoon, take a minute to check out a couple posts:

This message may be too late for some, but Laurie Ruettimann at Punk Rock HR is warning everyone to refrain from wearing costumes to work. Read the comments for some great examples of what not to wear on Halloween.

Looking for an appropriate workplace Halloween costume? Again, it might be too late for this year, but jot down a few ideas for workplace costumes from The Work Buzz and maybe you’ll be a contender in the office costume contest next year.

Did you show up to work today in a costume, or are you refusing to participate in the workplace Halloween festivities? Are you anti-costume or an overzealous executive trying to get everyone hyped up? Read The 5 Types of Halloween Employees at Inflexion Advisors, who do you identify with?

Cool ergonomic computer chair, or scary death trap? Take a look at the product demo and you decide. (Thanks HR Web Cafe for bringing this one to our attention!)

Visit the HR Bartender, who’s serving up some special Halloween wishes, complete with a special treat - a clip from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Halloween is one of those holidays where too many people choose to do too many dumb things at work. A recent article on HRE Online examines one of the dumbest ideas - dressing up in inappropriate costumes that are “sexually provocative or mocking race or religion.” Read The Perils of Halloween at Work and take some notes for next year.

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