Friday, October 24, 2008

Office greeting cards: Lost for words?

We’ve all been there before - a manila folder containing a greeting card for a coworker lands on your desk and you’re struggling to find the best message to scribble in your 1 x 1 plot of card space.

There’s no need to struggle any longer. This week I ran across the Greetings Genie from Cube Farm, which promises to cure “writer’s block one office card at a time.”

The Genie helps you find the perfect response to almost any office greeting card. Just choose the occasion and tone of voice you’re looking for, and like magic you’ve got a list of sentiments to choose from.

Say it’s the boss’ birthday and you’re lost for a professional message to write, here’s what the Greetings Genie suggests:

  • “To a great guy/gal - Cheers!”
  • “Be sure to relax and enjoy the day.”
  • “Enjoy your day! Well earned and well deserved!”

Other than providing the perfect message for corporate greeting cards, the Cube Farm has a great collection of funny office videos to watch when you have some downtime this Friday afternoon. Have fun and happy Friday!

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Dan McCarthy said...

This is beautiful!! I love it. I’m one of those people with chronic greeting card writer’s block. This will save me hours and hours of agony. Thanks.

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