Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday office humor: Ergonomically-correct chairs

Workplace ergonomics chair
Is your desk ergonomically correct? Sure, you may have a fancy keyboard wrist pad and the craziest-looking mouse in your department, but how great is your chair?

The Kneelsit is the latest in ergonomically-correct office chairs, with unique features designed to reduce back pain associated with most desk chairs.

The chair is customized to fit each users body type and the unique design helps take pressure off the spine and lower back, alleviating back pain by correcting posture.

Though OSHA requires employers to distribute information on ergonomics in the workplace and identifies musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) as a workplace hazard, I don’t see too many bosses jumping on board with this idea.

Even if you do get past the look of the chair when pitching the idea to the boss, there’s still the price to worry about - $499 per chair.

Is your company proactive when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace? Would anyone out there buy a chair like this?

On a side note ... does this bring back any memories of the Hula Chair?

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Annabelle said...

Thats actually a lot more awkward looking than I think it feels. You can get a great ergonomic chair for really inexpensive at and it doesn't look anything like that!

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