Monday, March 31, 2008

Stephen Covey's "emotional" work habits - Part 2

After learning what the emotional bank account is and how to make deposits and withdrawals, Stephen Covey’s next step to master the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is adopting a win/win mindset.

There are certain skills and attributes needed to achieve the win/win mindset. It starts with character - the measure of your personal integrity, maturity and an abundance mentality.

Integrity - can others count on you to do what you said you would?

Maturity - having the courage to stand up for your principles and respect others’ principles.

Abundance Mentality
- believing that there is plenty of success to go around.

Applying the win/win mentality:

Incorporate it into your weekly plan. When you have a task for someone (or you’re given a task) make sure you clarify the desired results, know the guidelines, define who is responsible for what and clearly outline the consequences of not living up to the agreement.

Commit to the “Abundance Mentality.” Your success does not take away from someone else’s success. The same holds true on the flip-side. Don’t think that someone else has succeeded at the expense of your own. Teamwork will create even greater success that what can only be achieved by an individual.

Teach the mentality to another person. One of the best ways to retain information is to verbalize it to another. Find someone close to you and teach them about the Abundance Mentality. It would be a great way to start contributing to their emotional bank account.

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