Monday, March 24, 2008

Ford employees take home $1000 bonus

Ford Motor Co. is rewarding every U.S. and Canadian employees with a $1,000 bonus, even after the company’s $2.7 billion losses last year.

Though the company failed to meet sales goals for 2007, Ford “met or exceeded” its objectives in every other category, CEO Alan Mullaly explained in a company email.

The bonus is based on improvements in cost performance, quality, automotive cash flow and financial results.
“The board of directors believe it is important to reward employees for delivering significant results and keeping the company on track to become profitable again by 2009,” Mulally’s e-mail said.
With the economic crunch Americans have been feeling lately, the bonus must come as a much welcomed surprise.

The company took it’s eyes off of sales goals, and focused more on employee performance. For many companies, following Ford’s lead may be much easier said than done.

You can read the full story at Automotive News.

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Anonymous said...

well done Ford!
motivated employees are the main key for the company's overall success.
it is very wise to invest in the employees; after all they are the most important asset to a company.

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