Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Employees feeling sad? It may be where you live

Where you live may be affecting your mood. A report by Mental Health America ranked U.S. states based on rates of depression and suicide. Read the article on MSNBC.com.

According to the study the top five saddest states include Rhode Island, Nevada, Oklahoma, Idaho and Missouri.

Where the cup is half full (or states that are the happiest) include South Dakota, Hawaii, New Jersey, Iowa and North Dakota.

Research found that whether a state was happy or sad coincided with the number of mental health care providers per capita and ease of access to mental health care resources.

The study also found that happier states are generally more educated than those “less happy”

Find out how happy or sad your state is, read the full list.

If your employees’ winter blues are still lingering, blame it on geography.

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