Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday office humor: Stop sneaky sandwich thieves with disgusting bags

If you’ve ever had your lunch stolen out of the office refrigerator, than you can understand why designer Sherwood Forlee invented this new “Anti-Theft Lunch Bag.”

Using regular plastic sandwich bags with green splotches printed on both sides, Forlee designed the bags in hopes of deterring office sandwich thieves by making a perfectly good meal look like a rotting mess.

From CNET:

Created by New York-based engineer and designer Sherwood Forlee, these bags are sure to gross out any lunch thief. Just place your delectable sandwich inside its clean yet deceptively filthy-looking plastic, and voila: the unstealable sandwich. Even the most stealthy lunch thief won't be desperate enough to eat a moldy sandwich (we hope).

Just be careful when you saunter to the kitchen, pull that blessed sandwich out of the mold-filled bag, and knowingly take a bite right there in front of your boss. If not properly informed, she might get the impression you're so starving you'll eat a month-old sandwich. That, or she'll think you're just plain gross.

Stolen lunch crimes are a sad fact in the American workplace. According to a USA Today poll, 12% of respondents admit to taking someone else’s food from the office refrigerator and another 8% “plead the Fifth.”

Have a happy Friday and keep an eye on your lunch.

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