Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday training links and questions to consider

A few training-related questions to think about this afternoon:

Is there a missing link in your management training program? Does outsourcing employee training help us focus on the bottom line? How do you handle obstacles in business? Can “key employee” incentives be dangerous? Did corporations forget what fuels economies?

Below are a few great posts from across the blogosphere to spur discussion and decide for yourself:

Jim Giuliano at HR Morning shares the missing link to proper managerial training - customer service.

More large, multi-national firms are outsourcing employee training in order to stay focused on strategy and the bottom line, according to a new study outlined by Human Resource Executive Online.

Don’t let small obstacles sidetrack big hopes, says Erika Anderson. She reminds us to test your flexibility and focus on strategy when unforeseen obstacles crop up.

Are you a good trainer or do you simply have good platform skills? The HR Bartender explains the difference.

Be careful with "key employee" incentive plans, warns Ann Bares at Compensation Force. Business success is “based on the efforts of many, not just the appointed few.”

Are corporations running on empty because they forgot what really fuels the economy? Dan Stafford asks how our workforce was driven to the point of physical and financial exhaustion in a thought-provoking post at Bella Ciao.

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