Monday, September 29, 2008

Relieve workplace stress at the Smash Shack

De-stress from work at the Smash Shack

A few years ago, Sarah Lavely left her veterinarian career to open up the perfect business during tough times: selling fragile, “smashable” items to break against walls.

Lavely founded Sarah’s Smash Shack in San Diego as a safe haven for people who enjoy reliving stress by breaking things. Instead of using china on your own kitchen walls, for a small price you can break all the porcelain you want down at the Smash Shack.

"We had no business model to follow, no precedent, no place where you come only to smash things," she says. "We had to figure out what we needed - a room big enough to contain broken glass - how far is a safe distance from the smash wall, and what kind of safety equipment we would need."

Customers pick tableware like wine glasses and dinner plates only to smash it in special soundproofed “break rooms.” Of course all the necessary safety precautions are taken, customers wear protective eyewear, overalls, boots and a helmet before hurling breakables against steel walls.

Ceramic white dinner plates are a best seller at the Smash Shack, “because they require a strong toss and break violently against the wall,” according to a CNN Money article. Since her grand opening on August 1, business has been steadily increasing.

Regarding our list of ideas to de-stress at work and fuel innovation, I would like to add “breaking stuff.” But unless you live in the San Diego area or until Lavely decides to franchise, you’re on your own when it comes to where and how you do it.

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