Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday office humor: Just another day in the life of an HR manager

Everyone grab your lunch bags, there’s a thief among us!

This is a real email sent by a real HR manager at a real company, all names will stay anonymous to protect the innocent. It landed in my inbox yesterday and thought it must be shared with those who would appreciate it. (And, I thought this little bit of Friday office humor could brighten your day.)

Subject: Missing Lunches
Hi All,

It has been brought to our attention this week by a few employees that their lunches have been taken from the refrigerators in the Lunch Room.

It is our hope that this is an isolated situation and will cease from occurring.

We understand that many times lunch bags/totes may look alike, so please be sure the food you take from the refrigerator is yours, and if it does not belong to you, that you not take it.

Thank you for your attention and consideration in this matter.

Human Resources Manager

All of us are guilty of a little office lunchroom theft - a drop of coffee creamer here, a squirt of salad dressing there, shoot, maybe you’ve been brave enough to sneak away with an entire soda can, but a whole lunch bag! Now, that’s just criminal.

As an ode to the office lunch thief, I dedicate this video - “Lunch Miserables”

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