Friday, April 11, 2008

Motivating generation Y: How-to and how-not-to

Generation Y, Generation X and the Millenials ... accept it, they’re young and here to stay.

They like to be rewarded and taught in much different ways than their older counterparts. What are the best techniques to engage and motivate your Generation Y employees? Paul Herbert at Fistful of Talent has a few ideas to add.

- They don’t like top-down corporate control. They’ve been able to customize everything in life from their MySpace page to their sneakers. Give them an option to customize their incentive, reward and recognition programs. Herbert recommends creating a shell and asking the employee to fill in the blanks.

- Peer recognition is more valued than “boss” recognition. Lunch with the CEO has no appeal. Let them go to lunch on the company tab, with the employee friends of their choice.

- They won’t be motivated by out-dated incentives like employee anniversary lapel pins. Instead of giving them what you think they want, just ask them what type of incentive they would like.

“To sum up: Be honest, open, collaborative and fast. You'd be surprised how much you both will appreciate the results.”

And, because its Friday, here’s a great video demonstrating the “G.R.E.E.D.” motivational program, a new take on employee incentives.

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