Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Working from home. Well, almost...

Tired of staying at home all day? Over-caffeinated from working out of coffee houses? There’s a new option out there for all the folks who call their second bedroom the “remote office.”

Office Nomads provides remote employees, and anyone self-employed, the opportunity to work in an office setting for a monthly fee. “Coworking” lessens the feelings of isolation that often come with working from home, by putting people back into an office setting.

For about $475 a month, you can rent desk space, unlimited coffee and printing, 24-hour access, Wi-Fi and use of three conference rooms. You can also rent by the day for $20 if you don’t need a full month.

Other companies, like Nutopia Workspace and San Francisco’s Hat Factory, are part of the growing coworking phenomenon. An online map shows all of the roughly three dozen workspaces worldwide.

So, if you haven’t changed your clothes in two days or your head hurts from too many double cafe lattes, maybe coworking can work for you.

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