Friday, August 8, 2008

To train or not to train

With more people, especially Gen Y, job hopping their way around the corporate world we may see employee training go "the way of the 8 track," according to a recent prediction by YourHRGuy.

HRGuy says - With more employees job hopping, spending less time at each job, it's smarter for companies to put money into recruiting qualified candidates rather than develop current employees.

A Training Time post from earlier this year focused a panel discussion at Fortune's Global Forum where the moderator asked: "Why invest in training people when you know that a lot of them are going to leave you pretty soon?"

Panelist Anand Pillai, Vice President & Global Head of Talent Transformation & Intrapreneurship, looks at the dilemma much differently than HRGuy.

Pillai says - What happens if you don't train them and they stay? The most effective way to retain empoyees is to provide training and keep them engaged with the company.

It's an interesting argument that only starting to develop as more job-hopping Gen Yers move around the workforce.

We want to hear your opinion - Should companies continue to sponsor employee training even though there's a chance many will leave?

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