Monday, August 4, 2008

Dancing improves employee productivity

Do you wish your company buzzed like a hive of bees? Everyone productive, industrious, organized?

The beehive is “the very model of business,” according to Benjamin Ellis at Redcatco. Before achieving any business success, you must first give your bees some free time and room to dance. Dancing is the key to improve employee productivity.

Ellis explains how even though it may look like bees never take a break from work, they actually spend a significant portion of their time wandering around the hive and dancing with their coworkers (fellow bees).

For parts of the day, bees travel aimlessly in hopes to stumble upon nectar, the sugar source for honey. When a bee comes across a fruitful patch, it returns to the hive and does a “waggle dance” for its coworkers demonstrating where the nectar is. The coworkers quickly get moving to collect the rest of the discovery.

“It is a process of innovation and discovery. A single bee, with the time to wonder, makes a discovery. It then shares the discovery with the hive. The process maximizes the return on the new discovery, while minimizing unfruitful searching by other bees.”

So, Ellis asks: “Do your employees dance?

Like we said last week, give yourself and your employees time to be creative, time to wander in search of nectar. Energize your hive with just a little bit of free time and you may find some sweet success.

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