Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Job perks and employee recognition during tough times

During tough economic times, employers start examining where they can cut costs and eliminate “unnecessary benefits and perks.” But, there’s still one tried-and-true employee motivator that has stood the test of time (and budget cuts) - the compliment.

When done right, compliments can be a powerful form of employee recognition that help employers hang onto top performers even when budgets are stretched tight. Learn to deliver compliments correctly and employees will feel valued enough to weather through the tough times.

J.T. O’Donnell at CAREEREALISM says many management teams don’t understand how to effectively deliver compliments and usually mix up appreciation with compliments, two very different things.

“When you appreciate people, you tell them how you rely on them - what value they provide you. When you compliment people, you are telling them what you admire about them, a.k.a. what makes them better than others at something specific. In short, appreciation says, “I need you” while complimenting says, “I respect that thing you do.” The difference is subtle, but the impact in the workplace is significant. In my opinion, when you give too much appreciation without compliments, it backfires.”

Employees who feel they are needed and respected will believe they are valued within their team or organization. Those valued employees will also feel successful and satisfied in their position and will strive to perform at their best.

Compliments should be given by managers, but also by coworkers and employees themselves, according to O’Donnell. Employees who distribute “sincere, honest and accurate” compliments will make ideal coworkers to keep around.

“Giving compliments at work is like giving someone a surprise party on their birthday. It is an unexpected gesture that provides great joy. And, when you make someone happy, you put them in a better frame of mind – which means they’re likely to be more receptive and open to new challenges, not to mention better able to contribute and help others as well.”

Make an impression on someone today and take O’Donnell up on his challenge - “Do you have what it takes to give a great compliment?

Try his compliment challenge today and find out how compliments can improve coworker relationships, make you feel good and how simple (and free!) they are to hand out.

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Joshua Bevan said...

This is a great plan. The more that a business owner can do for free to improve internal report and external customer service the better.
Thanks for the ideas.

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