Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Employee feedback critical to success surveys over the years have found that only 46 percent of employees say they receive frequent and ongoing feedback on their performance. Additionally, half say their annual performance reviews are conducted on time, and fewer than half say the reviews are even useful.

Especially with Generation Y entering the workforce, employee feedback is crucial. All employees, but more in the younger generations, yearn for constant feedback and assurance that they are doing a good job.

With a new headline popping up on front pages across the country about the latest wave of employee layoffs, employees more than ever need the reassurance that they are not in danger of losing their job (or a ‘heads up’ if they are in a dangerous spot).

Positive feedback lets employees know they are on the road to success in the company and can feel good about their work and it gives a little boost to their self esteem.

In a recent article on, the author outlines what happens when employees don’t receive regular performance feedback. Employees will:

  • Lose confidence in work activities
  • Become anxious and insecure in their work
  • Lose track of priorities
  • Fail to complete work properly
  • Lose enthusiasm in their position
  • Lose a sense of commitment to the organization

Why do supervisors fail at giving proper feedback?

  • They don’t think its that important to their employees
  • Their employees are doing a good job, why interfere
  • A lack of confidence because their boss doesn’t provide proper feedback
  • A lack of people skills
  • A fear of upsetting employees, possible conflict or difficult situations

What’s the solution? How do you make sure your employees are getting the proper feedback they need to be successful at work? Check back tomorrow for Part 2 on how to deliver, and keep delivering constant feedback to employees.

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