Friday, May 16, 2008

Corporate team building: Sing a song, but forget the video camera

Feeling like morale is down? Looking to perk it back up? Why not sing a song?

There’s an energized, soulful trend on the team building scene - choreographed musical numbers.

According to a recent Workforce article, corporate songs have been used by big business for almost 100 years as to motivate teams and enhance motivation. From a new product launch or to support a company’s core beliefs, a corporate song could be all it takes to get your company re-energized.

IBM, Starbucks and Shell have all used corporate songs encouraging employees to sing as a way to build spirit and morale.

Some companies, like Bank of America, create internal corporate songs, but now forbid video or audio recording in order to keep it off the Internet.

Here’s a video from Ernst & Young, that unfortunately landed on YouTube and a good example of how corporate musical videos can go bad.

And, another one from Bank of America on KnowHR is featured in the post "Never, Ever Write an M&A Theme Song." Good advice, at least in this case.

I can't decide which of these two videos is better (or worse?). Take a look, you decide.


Jen said...

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Flex said...

In fact some training departments are integrating music to enliven corporate team building training or using slow music for relaxation exercises and focused work sessions.

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