Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burned out at work or bad day? Know the difference and how to beat it

For many, the dread and excitement that go along with the beginning and end of the workweek are fleeting. For some, just getting through the day is a challenge.

So, how do you know if you’re having a bad day, or are in the midst of a complete burnout? Experts interviewed by those at CareerBuilder.com explain how to identify job burnout and the best ways to attack it.

A few signs of burnout:

Your professional relationships are unimportant. Break room conversations have no part in your day, you eat lunch alone and headphones are glued to your ears.

Your work quality has gone down the tubes along with self-motivation. Getting the job done and doing it well are two separate things.

Your goals have vanished. When your career goals are mainly to get through the day instead of getting through to a new position, you may be looking at some serious burnout.

Here’s what the experts suggest on how to beat work burnout:

Mix it up. Ask for a new responsibility that you’re willing to take on. “New variety and stimulation is vital to overcome burnout.”

Reevaluate goals. “Goals work. Be specific and set deadlines.” Also, make the goals a little challenging and share them with others to increase the motivation to stick with them.

Come up with a plan. Think a new career is the solution? Don’t jump the gun, take the time to plan out your steps. You may discover that a new career is under the same roof you’re working at now.

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