Friday, August 7, 2009

Extraordinary people at work

Jorge Munoz is a school bus driver who lives in Queens, New York. Every day when he comes home after a full day at work, he rests for about 10 minutes, grabs a cup of coffee and starts his second job.

This second job doesn’t pay in dollars (it actually costs him money to do it), instead Jorge says he gets paid every time he sees a smile on the face of the people he serves.

Jorge spends about half of his salary, about $700 a week, to prepare and serve food to hungry people under a subway stop in Queens.

"The smiles on their faces, when see they got something to eat....aaaaah, [We're] feeding [more than] a hundred people," Munoz says passionately. "If you change the life of one guy, that's enough..." (Huffington Post)
Here’s a video of his story:


Anonymous said...

How can we make contributions to Jorge Munoz and his "feed the homeless/hungry" humanitarian efforts?


Training Time said...

Visit for more information on Jorge's work and how to get involved or donate.

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