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Training Trends - Are you speaking your employees’ language?

April showers bring May flowers ... along with a garden of fresh, new training advice sprouting up at

In the latest issue of our Training Trends newsletter you’ll learn the must-ask questions for finding the right person for every job, how to provide safety and other essential training in a language your employees understand, and how to reduce stress with a plan to balance personal and work responsibilities.

Here’s a quick look at the May issue of Training Trends:
The 5 questions they absolutely must answer!

We all know about questions an interviewer should never ask. Falling afoul of EEOC guidelines about religion, ethnic origin, family plans or genetic issues can result in lawsuits and fines, and the numbers can be staggering. Late last month, B & H Photo was fined an astronomical $4.3 million dollars for pervasive discrimination based on national origin.

But did you also know that hiring the wrong person – or letting the best choice go because of illegal criteria -- could end up costing your company real dollars because of poor performance and higher turnover. Add in the possibility of tarnishing your company’s reputation or alienating customers, and you could be looking at thousands or even millions in lost revenue. Consider this interview: (more)

Danger! I mean peligro! No, gefahr!

Why louder and slower won’t help if you’re using the wrong language for safety training

You’ve seen it on countless sitcoms. The main character meets someone who doesn’t speak English, and resorts to talking louder, speaking slowly and acting things out with elaborate gestures. On a TV show, it’s funny…but when you’re delivering employee training, the results can be tragic.

Injuries and fatalities among non-U.S.-born workers and non-English-speaking employees have been sharply increasing. Here’s what you can do to boost training effectiveness: (more)

Who comes first? When work and family needs clash

You have a big presentation due at work tomorrow. It’s almost midnight and you’re still finishing up your PowerPoint presentation in between doing loads of laundry, while mentally planning tomorrow’s lunches. And just when you think you might grab a few hours’ sleep before the alarm goes off, your four-year old wakes up with an earache and a fever. Now what?

No matter what your life includes, the challenges of blending work and family demands seem to be growing each day. Longer work hours and busy family schedules keep everyone trying to juggle three, four or more tasks at any one time.

We know we have to do it. The question is, how can we do it better? You need a Plan B. (more)

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