Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top 10 learning tools for training pros

For the past few years, Jane Hart of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies has been asking learning professionals, from education and training, to chime in on what productivity tools would make their personal top 10 list.

Right now, Jane is in the process of compiling the Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2009 and it’s looking like a tough race. As the rankings stand today, here are the Top 10 Tools for Learning:
  1. Twitter - Microblogging tool
  2. Delicious - Social bookmarking tool
  3. Google Reader - RSS/Feed reader
  4. Wordpress - Blogging tool
  5. Google Docs - Web-based documents
  6. Skype - Instant messaging/VoIP
  7. Slideshare - Hosting presentations
  8. Google Search - Web search tool
  9. PowerPoint - Presentation software
  10. Firefox - Web browser and extensions

It’s interesting to see what other professionals out there are using, but even more interesting to see how the trends have changed over the past few years. Last year it was Delicious, Firefox and Google Reader at the top and Twitter ranked down at number 11.

Almost 100 learning professionals have shared their top 10 learning tools so far this year. Visit Jane's site and suggest what tools you think should be at the top.

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