Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fun: Cool office gadgets and coworker gift ideas

Even while companies announce more canceled holiday parties and cut back around the office, there’s still no reason to stop spreading the holiday cheer.

One proven way to improve morale around the office - give a gift.

Whether you’re looking for something great to give your Secret Santa recipient or long-time coworker, there are a ton of cool gifts out there that they will be proud to show off on their desk all year round.

Check out these cool office gadgets and great coworker gift ideas:

  • USB Coffee Warmer. Perfect for that coworker who can’t get enough of that warm, caffeine-filled goodness. Just plug the USB-powered warmer into your computer and they’ll have a nice warm cup of coffee all day long.
  • USB Beverage Chiller. If it’s the colder caffeine-filled treats your coworker loves, try the USB Beverage Chiller. Works the same way the warmer does, but keeps your drinks nice and cold at your desk.
  • Office carpet skates. This is the perfect gift for the Office Olympics organizer or office daredevil. The skates slip on right over your shoes and allow you to glide across carpeted surfaces. Watch this video on how it's done.
  • Bright Blinds. No window in your cube? No problem. Bright Blinds are a great gift for that coworker who needs a little light in their life. Even if you’re located in the middle of a cube maze, this cool office gadget makes it look like there’s sunshine right on the other side of your cube wall.
  • Water-Powered Clock. For the eco-friendly coworker always looking for new ways to be green in the office. This clock runs entirely on water, telling the time and date without any batteries at all.
  • Staple-Free Stapler. Never run out of staples again with this cool little gadget. The Staple-free stapler makes a little cut at the edge and folds sheets together, making the process more neat and efficient.

When picking out that perfect something, watch out for these office gifts that could get you fired:

  • Desktop Warfare Kit. Perfect for the model plane hobbyist in the office who hates to be disturbed at work. With these mini warfare devices, you can hurl paperclips at your coworkers all day long.
  • Faceball. It’s like Dodgeball, but all about hitting people in the head. Not sure this one will last very long around the office, so have your fun while it lasts.
  • Desktop Batting Practice. Perfect for the sports fan in the office. If you have a minute of free time at your desk, you have just enough time to practice your batting swing. Somehow, I don’t think your coworkers will enjoy the mini baseballs flying around all day.

Whatever you choose to give this year, whether it’s a cool gadget, greeting card or a simple “thank you,” be sure to show appreciation for your coworkers during the holidays and all year round. Happy Friday!


Ben said...

I have seen the carpet skates before but be careful because they can damage your carpets. I found this blog which has a whole section on how to pimp your office, it has some great products:

gate valves said...

wow! thanks for the info. these are cool gadgets and love to hear from them. cool stuff.

SUSAN KEMP said...

Great ideas! Everything sounds fantastic! I would not know what to choose...

Wow! What a great list! This took some time to put together.
Thank you so much.

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