Monday, June 16, 2008

The one thing young employees want at work

No, it’s not a Xbox or Wii in the office - they just want their opinion heard and valued.

During a webinar on the recently released report, Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out, one older caller asked “What is one thing Millennials want, to feel better at work?” The first thing that popped into my head was “Ask for my opinion, and when you do at least consider it.”

The above quote is from Social Citizen, a blog by Tera Wozniak, a self-defined Millenial and nonprofit professional who offers great insight into the mind of the young professional.

Recently the editor of the Harvard Business Review asked the same question - “Are You Underutilizing Younger Employees?

At a post-conference cocktail party, the HBR editor realized he may be too quick to overlook or dismiss smart young professionals. After listening to the opinions of young professionals from a variety of fields, they all shared the same desire - to be heard.

Allowing younger employees to enter conversations and have their comments validated can do wonders for their career confidence. With more confidence in their ideas, a Generation Y employee will feel more inclined to share their opinion in other areas of their work. It also allows the employee to learn valuable problem solving techniques of experienced employees.

So, adding to the list of what Gen Y wants from their employers, add “being heard” to the list. Along with ongoing recognition and flexibility, being a part of workplace conversations is a top priority.

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John said...

Putting a Wii or an Xbox in the office wouldn't hurt either! :p

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