Monday, June 9, 2008

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For those of you who haven't subscribed to Training Trends yet, here is a snippet from June's edition - Effective Training Solutions for National Safety Month.

The 5 keys to improving safety in your office

More than 4 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2006, and nearly a third of them involved days away from work. Not only is this a drain on employee morale and productivity, but it also hits your company’s pocketbook through increased workers’ comp claims and insurance rates.

Every employee has a right to a safe and healthy workplace. For this to happen, managers and supervisors need to identify and eliminate risks, properly train employees on safe work habits and reinforce these habits on a daily basis.

Since June is Safety Month, now is the ideal time to get your health and safety program on firm footing. Start with these steps:

1) Conduct thorough safety inspections

Walk through your business and check all chemical container labels, fuse boxes, fire extinguishers and obstructed views, as well as taking note of noise and air quality levels. Make sure that desk chairs and computer workstations are ergonomically compliant. And check that tornado, fire, flood and earthquake procedures and evacuation routes or shelters are clearly posted.

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