Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interview etiquette: Have we all lost it?

Vault recently released results from an employer/employee survey about interview etiquette. Some of their results show that in some cases we may have lost some of our interview etiquette, while other findings hint that interview norms may be changing.

Some interesting survey results:

  • 26% of job candidates have answered their cell phone during an interview
  • 87% of job candidates were dressed inappropriately for an interview
  • 98% of employers say it is acceptable to send a thank you note via email
  • 59% of employers say job candidates’ manners during interviews have deteriorated over the years

You can find the full list of results at Vault, along with the results of how interviewees answered the same questions.

What do you think, have we all lost it? Has interview etiquette deteriorated over the years and in what ways?

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