Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Training Trends: Sexual harassment, diversity and inner-geekiness

Sexual harassment and diversity are tow hot-button training issues in today’s workplace and two of the hottest topics to be featured in the latest issue of our Training Trends newsletter.

In this issue you’ll find out how to diversify your diversity training, how to engage employees in sexual harassment training, and find the right software training to nurture your inner-geek.

Here’s a quick look at the July issue of Training Trends:

Diversify Your Diversity Training

Improving productivity through sensitivity and understanding

In a world of 6.7 billion differences and counting, it’s often times difficult to understand and conceive why people are the way they are. From a philosophical standpoint, problems, arguments and even wars can occur from simply misunderstanding one another. What’s the obvious answer? Love and peace… and diversity training.

Like the term “harassment,” it’s important to know exactly what diversity is as well. (more)

Software Training for Your Inner-Geek

The importance of software training in the workplace

Let’s face it; we’ve been overtaken by computers… and it’s never been so cool to be a geek. Immerse yourself in the nerdifying glory that is software training. Dig out your favorite Star Trek episode, duct tape those horn-rimmed glasses and grab a pen out of your pocket protector. Let’s take some notes on why now is the time to be well-trained in the use of computer software… Engage!

It’s never been a better time for businesses, big and small, to train employees with the proper skills in tackling software-loaded devices. New programs and computer systems are meant to make your workload easier, allowing you to accomplish more in one sitting. Not only will training improve efficiency throughout your business, it will give it the potential to grow and compete. (more)

Side-Stepping Sexual Harassment Risks

Find ways to engage your employees in sexual harassment training

Sexual harassment. Employers cringe at the mention of these very words. Upset employees, court battles, and heavy fines are just a few of the nightmares that can stem from an inappropriate interaction at the office. One offensive comment or gesture can bring a world of legal and financial trouble from the EEOC or an aggressive plaintiff’s lawyer…

OK, enough pondering the horrors of harassment. What’s the best way to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? With the proper training, of course!

First of all, it’s important to know exactly what sexual harassment is. And the reality is, it can be many things, (more)

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