Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot new training trend: Go ‘naked’

There’s a new idea floating around the education world that involves some stripping. Don’t worry... you can keep your shirt on. This type of stripping is less revealing, but more eye-opening and starts with taking computers out of the classroom.

I found this new training trend via Kari Quaas at the Seasonal Human Resource Blog who thinks there’s at least one educator out there “doing it right.” Teaching, that is.

Jose A. Bowen, a dean at Southern Methodist University, is teaching naked – without computers, without PowerPoint – and has challenged his colleagues to do the same. He thinks that by stripping the classroom of computers, he has a better chance of keeping his students engaged.

Instead of presenting during class, Bowen instructs students to watch a presentation beforehand. This way, students enter the classroom ready for discussion, rather than having to sit through a boring slideshow. Watch the video below to hear Bowen describe it in his own words.

Yes, the video is about lecturing in a higher-education setting, but the points Bowen makes on how a technology-less classroom can improve engagement resonate across all types of learning, even employee training.

Take a look:

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Kari Quaas said...

Thanks for highlighting the post, Training Time. I recently spent a week at a business camp in Bellingham, Washington, called Washington Business Week and found it fascinating to hear the students' reactions to the speakers based on their use or non-use of technology. You can read that new post here - Okay, so not totally naked. I'd say the key isn't so much what you use to get your message across, but whether or not your audience is engaged. That is the real challenge. Cheers!

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