Friday, June 26, 2009

Gifts for the boss you loathe so much

They're mean, they're malicious and they're definitely nothing like Oprah. But somehow you've been forced into buying a gift for that boss or coworker you hate working with. What do you do?

Try the Ugly Flower Store where you can "Send virtual Ugly Flowers for free to anyone who deserves ugly flowers."

There are six beautifully ugly arrangements to choose from:
  • 1 Dozen Dead Yellow Roses
  • Dead Plant
  • Dead Rose Bouquet
  • Single Dead Rose
  • Dead Flower Arrangement
  • Dead Yellow Flowers

Choose the arrangement that fits your situation, fill out a quick form and the ugliest flower arrangement you've ever seen will be on its way (via email) to your unsuspecting recipient.

Show someone how much you don't care today.

And have a happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I love this site. It's great for a laugh!

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