Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bring your (inner) child to work day

Time to get your dodgeballs and jump ropes ready, this Thursday, June 18, marks the sixth annual Recess at Work Day.

Held every year on the third Thursday in June, it’s a day set aside for “employees and employers to take a break from the stress of today’s economic worries and celebrate their successes.”

“It has been proven that breaks are essential for satisfaction,” says Rich DiGirolamo, founder of Recess at Work Day. “Breaks lead to satisfaction; and satisfaction easily transfers to increase morale, reduced employee stress, more engaged and healthier employees; ultimately having a positive impact on productivity, absenteeism and profits.”

There are no set rules to the day, just a mission to take a break from our daily work routines and get engaged in something fun with your peers.

It could be as simple as starting up a game of dodgeball or adding a new event to your office Olympics competition, as long as it gets you away from your desk and into something fun.

What are your thoughts on Recess at Work Day? Just a silly idea, or something to get excited about? Could you see your office participating?

Leave a comment and let us know.


Rich DiGirolamo, Fun Motivational Speaker said...

Recess At Work Day Rocks!!!!

Ask the folks at Covidien, McDonald's, WB Mason and Humana just to name a few.

Creative Chaos Consultant said...

This is a great idea! I think it's good to relax and enjoy some time with your co-workers.

Now why is this the first I'm hearing of this? Somebody needs to do a better job of promoting this!

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