Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bringing kids to work may improve morale

If your company has been searching for affordable ways to improve morale, you may need to look no further than your employees’ families.

Next Thursday, April 23, 2009, is the national date for the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work program. While opening a child’s eyes to what their parents do for a living, the program can also serve as an inexpensive way to boost employee morale.

The yearly event exposes children to what their parents do during the workday, showing them the value of education and what their future can hold. Though the program is centered around kids, bringing children into the workplace for a day may hold even more benefits for employers.

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day benefits workplaces by providing an important boost to workers and their families, while keeping costs to a minimum. Holding a family day at work can foster employees’ pride in their work, which will ultimately improve performance.

Think kids would be bored senseless at your workplace? Take a look at some of these educational ideas and activities that just about every organization can incorporate, including:

  • Hold hands-on department workshops. From Accounting to Human Resources, create activities where children use their problem-solving skills to tackle real workplace issues like managing a budget or interviewing new job candidates.

  • Give a tour. Take children on a tour of your workplace starting at the front desk and make your way through every department of the organization. Show children how your product or service is developed from beginning to end.

  • Have a brown-bag lunch. Have families eat together in the main lunchroom and set up an interactive Q & A session with the head of the company. Have your CEO explain what they do and allow children to ask questions on anything they would like to know about the job.

Whether you’re able to allocate a full day to the event, or just a half-day, giving employees the opportunity to share what they do with their families can have a positive impact on their work.

Discover more resources, activity guides and ideas at the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work official website.

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