Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Training Trends: Kick training out of the office

Kick your trainers and your trainees out of the office? You sure about that?

Yep, throw ‘em out. Right out into the great outdoors.

As winter starts to melt away and turn into spring, it’s the perfect time to move your employee training sessions out of your stuffy office building and into some invigorating, fresh outdoor air.

It’s the latest advice out of this month’s issue of Training Trends, Training Time’s monthly newsletter covering workplace training news, tips and best practices.

Along with exciting outdoor team-building ideas, the latest issue of Training Trends includes valuable sales training tips from a renowned sales guru along with critical safety training advice.

Here’s a quick look at the March issue of Training Trends:

Take Training Out of Your Office

All winter long, training has been an indoor activity for most of the country. With spring approaching, and summer on its heels, why not move your team building activities and other training out of the office and into the great outdoors? ... (full article)

Getting from the Call to the Deal

Zig Ziglar’s book titled The Secrets of Closing the Sale was the first book on sales techniques to ever make the New York Times Best Sellers List. That was in 1985. Now over 20 years later, the book remains one of the most powerful and trusted guides to getting to the sale ... (full article)

Name Your Poison

Unless your business involves only office work or remote computer-linked employees, odds are there is at least one Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) required for your company. But many managers aren’t even aware of the MSDS requirements, much less how to use them ... (full article)

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