Friday, March 20, 2009

Goal setting: 100 is the magic number

Goal setting is an important part of our personal lives and careers. Setting goals in the workplace helps motivate and engage employees in their work. Creating a list of small, whisker goals can also provide an energetic kick start to move a team of workers out of a motivational rut.

Sometimes you just have to write it all down in order to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve, according to Caroline Adams Miller, author of Creating Your Best Life and founder of

"One of the best ways to achieve your own goals is to create public accountability and support by sharing them with a wide audience," says Miller. is free tool to help anyone get started on their personal or workplace “bucket list” of goals. Creating a long list of personal and workplace goals can help employees find direction in their work and can also put work/life balance issues into perspective.

It's free to register and the community forums can help you to keep working toward your goals. If you're having trouble with a certain goal, you can reach out to others on the forums for help on how to get through it or read how other users accomplished their own goals in the “I Got It Done” section.

The site stemmed from Miller's personal "100 Things To Do Before I Die" list. To serve as a role model to her readers, she keeps her list public and sets out to achieve a few goals each year. You can check out everything she hopes to achieve here.

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