Friday, February 19, 2010

OOPS! Missed something in training and now the bank is on fire!

Okay, maybe not the whole bank, but at least the ATM!

That's what happened to a fellow HR pro in a previous job. Just one missed element in his training, and boom! The ATM is in flames!

When you're training your new employees, have you covered all the bases? Sure, you know all the little do's and do not's, but are all of those in your training program?

Take a step back, and review every element of a task. Is there something you do, (or the person who is skilled in that job does) that is missing from the training, but matters? Maybe missing that step won't set an ATM on fire, but it might shut down a product line, accidentally cancel a critical order or cause your company to miss an important deadline.

So while you read about Ben's flaming ATM experience, think about your company training? Are there fires you could prevent now with the right training?


Ben Eubanks said...

I'm glad I could give you an idea, Lindsay! :-) Hint: don't do what I did if you like the idea of keeping your job.

Have a great Friday!

Heath Davis Havlick said...

Point well taken. Just about every time I train someone, I realize that there's something I take as a matter of course that's not in the manual--the one I just combed through to make sure everything was in there! Fortunately, my job does not involve things that can catch on fire.

Training Time said...

Thanks, Heath. But don't be too sure about the not catching on fire bit! I doubt Ben thought an ATM could, either!

BTW, love the whitepapers on your site :-)

Jaxon said...

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