Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Year, New Training Goals, Part Deux

It's almost the new year, you're all excited about getting going on the training schedule for 2010, you have your topics all lined up and...


You did read my blog post from yesterday, right? You took the time to look over last year's training and pinpoint the shining stars and the absolute flops, didn't you?

No? Okay, I'll wait here while you go and check it out...(twiddling thumbs...) Take your time. (humming to self...playing with a pencil...)

You're back!!

Okay, now you're ready to move on and get that schedule down, right? Er, umm, just one more did check to make sure that you were up to date on any changes in labor laws or any court decisions that might affect your training choices, right?

Yeah, I'll wait....(...making a string of paper clips, drawing on my hand...)

Finally! Ready?

Okay, take that list from last year, the one with the successes and failures. Look at what bombed. Now, no matter how simple those things might be for you to do, DO NOT DO THEM!!!

The lectures that put half the group to sleep? No more of those.

The audio/video program that was rated a zero by 90% of participants (there are always those few brown-nosers who think you'll recognize their handwriting...) -- that goes, too.

The bad instructors, meaningless fill and generally ineffective lessons? All verboten this year.

Define your stuff!

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, "A training's not a training if no one learns the stuff."

1) Make a list of the things you must teach.
2) Add the stuff you think you should teach.
3) Add the things you want to teach.

See what's changed

Look at those new labor laws and court cases. Which items on your list are affected by those. Make a note next to each, so you'll include the new information.

Look at your materials, if any, you plan to reuse. Is the new stuff in there? Or even more important, is there old stuff in there that is contrary to the new stuff? If so, throw 'em away. Not worth the risk.

Look at what worked and do a WHOLE LOT more of it!

Whatever got the most results, best training impact and most participant appreciation last year is how you are going to plan your training this year.

No whining about it being harder or more time-consuming. The whole point of training is training! Not putting on training classes or using materials. It's about making a difference and making people safer/more productive/happier/more effective, etc, etc.

Leave gaps in your calendar and spaces in your training

During this calendar year, something will change. A new or revised labor law or two. A company policy. An industry practice. Make sure your training schedule has room for a few ad-hoc sessions, and that your training classes/events have room for new information.

Happy 2010 Training!

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