Friday, February 13, 2009

How to turn your workspace into a green oasis

Many of us have found ways to go green at home, from carrying groceries in reusable shopping bags, to eco-friendly light bulbs and buying produce from local markets, but not as many are doing much to go green at work.

Going green at work involves many of the same decisions you've made to become more environmentally friendly at home. With more offices jumping on the green bandwagon, creating a green workspace has become easier than ever before.

Here are eight tips to make greening your workspace even easier:

  • Buy a plant. Plants improve the quality of the air by removing pollutants like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Putting a plant on your desk is an efficient way to improve the air quality in your office.

  • Print less. Think twice when you go to hit that print button - Do you really need a hard copy? Could you print double-sided?

  • Print with soy-based ink. When you have to use the printer, print your documents using eco-friendly, soy-based ink.

  • Buy recycled. From printer paper to the labor law posters on the wall, buy products and office supplies that are made from recycled materials

  • Turn off the lights. Turn off the lights in your office or meeting room when you're not there. Also think about replacing the light bulbs with an energy saving bulb.

  • Turn off your computer. When you leave the office at the end of the day, completely turn off your computer rather than leaving it powered all night. Shut off all the other appliances in your office while you're at it.

  • Use real silverware. When it's time for lunch, use your own plates and silverware from home, rather than going through dozens of plastic utensils and plates each week.

  • Avoid the vending machine. Instead of buying a new bottle of water from the vending machine everyday, buy a reusable water bottle that you can wash and refill without creating waste.

Going green at the office can be an easier process than you once may have thought. Implement a few of these tips for making your workspace eco-friendly and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

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