Friday, January 23, 2009

Employee training videos that won’t put you to sleep

It’s your first day on the job. Your manager has you fill out a few forms, gives you a tour of the building and then takes you to the back room to watch an employee training video.

All of the sudden you’re sleepy, very sleepy and thinking this would be a great time to catch a little power nap, right?

But what if employee training videos were actually enjoyable enough that trainees would want to stay awake while they’re playing ... maybe even retain something?

Think it could never happen?

Well, thanks to YouTube, we have video evidence that entertaining employee training videos once existed. Back in 1989, Wendy’s created a new hire training video that put some fun into the learning process and is even more fun to look back on now.

Here it is (just remember, this is 1989):

Whether employees laughed at the video or thought the rapper in a sparkly green polo shirt was cool, Wendy’s found a way to make flipping burgers not so boring. It was one small gesture that may have had a big influence on the way workers thought of their new employer.

Work a little bit of fun into your training program and your employees will appreciate it. Even if the final product is a little cheesy, you’ll be laughing in 10 years, I promise.

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